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Georgian Wine Tasting Cases for Virtual Events organised by Swirl Wine Group

Open to all, and not just wine professionals, Swirl Wine Group is holding series of virtual wine tasting events this summer.

The webinars are free to attend, however require registration. Please follow the link below for details.

Swirl Georgian Wine Tasting Events

Through our partnership with Swirl Wine Group and the National Wine Agency of Georgia, we have put together four different sets of wine tasting cases, which you can order for these virtual events.

Even though the cases have been professionally designed for the tasting events they are excellent selections for exploring certain grape varieties and styles for every winelover.

We have specifically chosen to show all the wines from only one of our wineries to promote the focus on varieties and styles and exclude the variation you may see from one winery to another.

Mildiani Family winery has been championing and mastering the revival of traditional Georgian winemaking since 1991. Established by four brothers the winery has been the family’s heart and soul and home to the rebirth of age-old qvevri (clay amphorae) traditions as well as successful application of modern viticulture and winemaking of Georgian indigenous grapes. 

The following four cases are available for purchase.

Tasting notes will be posted together with the cases to accompany your tasting experience in the comfort of your homes.

These cases are available for purchase to everyone regardless of whether you choose to attend the event or not, however we strongly recommend you do.

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