Red Armenian Valentine

Red Armenian Valentine


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Red Valentine means fabulous Armenian Reds

Voskevaz Nuraz 2014

Voskevaz’s signature blend of two Armenian indigenous varieties: Hakhtanak and Kakhet from “Noah’s vineyards“ of Ararat Valley. This outstanding blend has a deep ruby red colour, with pronounced aromas and flavours of both red and black fruits, such as black plum, black cherry, exquisite notes of cloves, cedar and toast, rounding up with elegant smokiness, meatiness and hints of tobacco. The wine has been aged in Karabakh oak for 12 months preserving high acidity, outlining its complex structure and full body.

Van Ardi Limited Edition Areni Noir 2016

The indigenous grape Areni of Armenia is one of true elegance and character. Van Ardi’s Areni is grown on the estate vineyard with stony volcanic soil and is vinified in their boutique winery in the wine region of Ashtarak. The wine has been aged for 14 months in both new Karabakh oak and older French oak barrels. Alluring with bold ruby colour is truly and experience. Its rich fragrance is induced with wild fruits, lush aromas of chocolatey oak quickly revealing those of fresh, dark cherries, this elegant red makes a statement on the palate as well.

Old Bridge Areni Noir Reserve 2014

The infamous Silk Road used to pass through Old Bridge (13th century) on Arpa river where family boutique winery Old Bridge creates its iconic wines. Hand harvested grapes fermented in Armenian oak barrels resulted in masterful preservation of outstanding freshness, high acidity, complexity and richness of dark fruits, spices, coffee and tobacco. Aged in Armenian oak for 24 months with 5 years bottle aging before the release. emarkable intensity, complex and powerful nose of cherries along with inviting coffee, chocolate, spice, smoke and leather. Decant for at least one hour before serving.