Ultimate Qvevri Case

Ultimate Qvevri Case

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Everything you need to know and taste about famous qvevri wines of Georgia.

Ultimate Qvevri comprises of six wines made in qvevri five of these wines are amber wines and are made from varieties of Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane and Kisi topped by a very special limited edition Kisi Qvevri 2012 which is now 8 years old and probably one of the oldest qvevri wines in the UK market. The only red wine in the set is Saperavi made in qvevri and is a must wine to taste if one wants to understand who white and red grape varieties behave in qvevri.

Tasting these well aged and softened in their prime condition wines together will give you a comprehensive experience of masterful and elegant qvevri winemaking in its glory.

Hand selected by our connoisseur team, you can taste the following wines:

  • Mildiani Bouquet Qvevri Rkatsiteli 2016
  • Mildiani Bouquet Qvevri Mtsvane 2014
  • Mildiani Bouquet Qvevri Kisi 2014
  • Mildiani Bouquet Qvevri Tsaraphi 2014
  • Mildiani Bouquet Qvevri Saperavi 2016
  • Mildiani Limited Edition Qvevri Kisi 2012

After tasting this set you can confidently call yourself Qvevri Connoisseur.

Tasting case is accompanied by set of tasting notes for each wine.

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