Signature Selection Wine Cases

Professionally and passionately selected cases of six wines from the Birthplace of Wine: Armenia and Georgia

Why should you go for our Signature Selection Cases?

Armenian Wine Georgian Wine UK Mixed Case

For many years we have been supplying the most exclusive and highly acclaimed restaurants, private members clubs and specialised wine shops where our wines proudly represent the Birthplace of Wine - Armenia and Georgia.

We are now delighted to be bringing these wines to all of you and we invite you to trust us with our choice of mixed cases as you start exploring these outstanding wines.

Our private customers have always relied on us to select for them the best mix cases within certain price ranges. Therefore, as we launch our online presence we offer you promotional pre-designed four different cases, which can be an excellent way of starting to explore these extraordinary wines.

Which wines are included?

All our wines are made from indigenous grapes with many using traditional winemaking techniques of fermenting and aging in amphora dating back to 6,000-4,000 B.C.

Each of these cases comes in six bottles and have a selection of white and red wines from both Armenia and Georgia. Some may also include rose or traditional method sparkling wine.

Be safe in your knowledge that all the wines are carefully and passionately selected and sampled by our buyers in the wineries to ensure we bring you the best wines from off the beaten path countries.

Which case to buy?

There are four different cases to choose from:

Each case gives you a comprehensive insight into different indigenous grapes and wine making styles. As you move from one level to another the wines become more complex and unique, that said, each of the cases have been designed to capture a snapshot of the best wines within each price range.

What are the perks?

Honestly? Many!

  • You get wines available only in restaurants and specialised wine shops.
  • We do the hard job of selection; you get to enjoy the best.
  • Savings of up to 20% OFF retail prices.
  • FREE delivery within 24/48 hours.
  • Order TWO cases or more and get additional 5% OFF.

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