Zara's Christmas Wines Private Masterclass - Past Event

Join the party and opt for Zara's Christmas Wine set that she has selected for her family this Festive Season.

Since it is Christmas we all so much waited for Zara has kindly offered to run a FREE Zoom Masterclass for these wines at 18:00 on 30th of December, a perfect day to start drinking these wines all the way through to 31st of December and 1st of January.

E-mail with a link to the Zoom Masterclass will be sent on purchase of the wine set.

Come join the private Zoom party, hear some fabulous stories about these wineries and wines and simply let your hair down among like minded winelovers!

Zara's Christmas case includes the following wines:

Zara Christmas Wine Set

Sparkling wine

  • ONE Mildiani Traditional Method Vintage Blanc de Blanc 2015

White wine

  • ONE Van Ardi Kangun 2018

Red wines

  • ONE Voskevaz Karasi Collection Areni Noir Vieille Vignes 2015
  • ONE Mildiani Saperavi Special Reserve 2011
  • ONE Old Bridge Grand Reserve Rare Barrels Areni Noir 2005

Dessert wine

  • ONE Voskevaz Muscat Rosali 2006